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Openings: 3-6 years old, FT & PT
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Our Mission Statement

   Creative Kids Preschool provides affordable, high quality  education for children three to six years old, with part time and full time enrollment options. We teach the necessary skills needed to be ready for kindergarten by fostering intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth. It is our goal to provide engaging and interesting learning experiences with attention to different       learning styles.


We believe that young children learn best through experiences that are meaningful, interesting, and interactive in which they can connect learning in the classroom to their individual lives. We believe it is essential for children to have a positive learning environment that is accepting of them and their families and in which children have many opportunities for growth and personal expression.

The role of the teacher in children’s learning is to support children in all areas of development, including intellectual, physical, social, and emotional while providing an interesting, safe, and stimulating learning environment. Teachers support children in their accomplishments and during their struggles, and are invested in the best interests of each child. Teachers plan activities in fun and interesting ways, which expose children to new materials and subjects, while allowing time for children to express their ideas and knowledge.

We create a supportive learning environment that includes attentive and compassionate teachers who give children the opportunity to build positive relationships with them and with their peers. We try to make connections between home, community, and school often to make children’s learning experiences more meaningful. Positive values such as honesty, responsibility, respect, compassion, safety, and friendship are taught and modeled throughout our program. The physical environment is set up in sections, which includes space for art, literacy, drama, building materials, home living area, quiet areas, and sensory exploration. We also provide story time, group time, math, science, field trips, music exploration, and projects in our daily routine. Outdoor play is utilized as often as possible. A variety of materials are available to children and are rotated often reflecting the current curriculum to give children various learning opportunities and maintain their interest.

We believe that parents and families are their child’s first teacher and their biggest supporter throughout their life and education. We believe children benefit most when parents and teachers work together. We always encourage family involvement but we respect the differing lifestyles and schedules of families; we realize that family involvement comes in various forms.

Vision Statement

Affordable, high quality education

Creative Kids Preschool and Childcare provides affordable high quality early childhood education for children 3-6 years old with part time and full time preschool options available to meet the diverse needs of families. The foundation of our school is based on practices, environment, and curriculum that are developmentally appropriate for young children.

Meaningful learning experiences

It is our goal to provide children with positive and meaningful learning experiences in which children feel valued, respected, and supported in all areas of child development. We instill the values of respect, safety, honesty, kindness, and responsibility every day in our program. We have created an environment that is non-bias, respects diversity, and is mindful of the differing needs and learning styles of children so that all children have the ability to be successful in our program.

Anti-bias program that respects diversity

Creative Kids Preschool is an anti-bias program that respects diversity. We do not tolerate discrimination of any form. We have respect for the various cultures, lifestyles, and families that children come from and we strive to have materials in the classroom that reflect various types of families.

Child and program evaluation

We continually evaluate and adjust our program to ensure that we are meeting the high standards that we have set for ourselves. The children are evaluated through daily activities and various methods that have been proven effective in measuring young children’s progress. Children are evaluated using basic child development standards in which we developed an evaluation form to represent the various areas of child development to ensure we are looking at the whole child. Children’s progress is evaluated on an individual basis.

Making connections

We strive to build connections between school, home, and the community. This is done through parent/ teacher communication, classroom activities, celebrations, volunteers and speakers, and field trips. Our school does several fundraisers throughout the year. These fundraisers serve multiple purposes such as replacing worn materials, purchasing new materials, furniture, and playground equipment, supplementing for discounts given for families in difficult financial situations, providing community building between school, children, and their families, and providing learning opportunities for children.